"Art is essential to our species and our society."
--Robert Redford

ElegantArtisan.com initially came into being in response to the need of its founder, Michelle Reynolds, for a worthwhile art-related project. Michelle has enjoyed a lifelong interest in art and continues the exploration of various media for personal creative expression.

Prehistoric Rock Carvings, Namibia
Prehistoric Rock Carvings, Namibia
Photo: Keith Wheatley

Over years working in the fine art field as well as through studying physical and cultural anthropology, Michelle crystallized her belief in the importance on human development of creating and experiencing art. She recognizes that all people naturally possess the creative sparkā€”a floret that blossoms in many unique ways as life progresses. To foster creativity, Michelle believes that, beginning in childhood, we should create art in some form and, whenever possible, be exposed to art in all its various manifestations, including visual, music, literary, and the performing arts

In short, ElegantArtisan.com seeks to promote and advocate for the arts as an integral component of a well-rounded, productive and joyful life. We focus on the visual arts, and hope to provide an insightful and satisfying experience for visitors.

Please enjoy your time with us. If you have questions or would like to be involved in the efforts of ElegantArtisan.com, please email Michelle at ElegantArtisanArt@gmail.com, or follow this link.


Director: Michelle Reynolds

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