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ElegantArtisan.com randomly features one of the exceptional artists exhibiting on the site. Artists' images are rotated on the home page during their term as Featured Artist. We hope to enable lovers of captivating art to become more knowledgeable about exhibiting artists and their work, while engaging in an uplifting experience.

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Our Current Featured Artist ...

 Michelle Reynolds


Michelle Reynolds, born in Southern California, made her home in Santa Cruz, CA, for 45 years, before relocating to the CA foothills.. She has been involved in a lifelong pursuit of various artistic disciplines. Her education included majors in Art and Photography, as well as Journalism.

Michelle’s preferred medium is acrylic paint, which she applies traditionally to canvas. Subject matter can be anything that strikes her fancy, although she is partial to Japanese-themed creations, reflecting an abiding respect for that culture. She’s also worked in oil, watercolor, pen and ink, mixed media, and handmade paper.

Additionally, Michelle fabricates beaded jewelry, and loves the creative process involved in designing unique combinations of beads.

Michelle enjoys opportunities to organize events where art is the theme. She co-founded the GALStudio, a forum for a large group of artists who exhibited for several years during the holidays at Chaminade Resort & Spa in Santa Cruz. She keeps her eye out for ways to pursue freelance writing projects.and art events in which she can show her work..

A belief in arts education for children as a fundamental developmental necessity has spurred Michelle to promote art in schools through the website she founded for artists, ElegantArtisan.com. She values the work of both emerging and established artists and their quality original creations, and invites them to exhibit on ElegantArtisan.com for opportunities to be promoted at no charge.

View a selection of Michelle’s work here,  here and here.


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