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Sandy Lindblad

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Here’s a winning skill: Meet an animal, intuit its current state of mind and take some pictures. Then, using pastels and acrylics, translate to canvas or some other surface just what the four-legged friend was communicating.

That’s not an inaccurate description of the artistry of Sandy Lindblad, an artist whose energy is so simpatico with pets, farm animals and other furry critters, she’s able to successfully perform this amazing feat. It’s some kind of magic that she could keep to herself, if she weren’t so inspired to translate it into something we can all love. She does that through the use of distinctive color schemes and a unique perception, instilling in the viewer of her artwork a sense of being in on the secret of what the intriguing whiskered subject matter is saying.

Take, for example, the commissioned painting “Black Lab.” For the uninitiated, it’s a black dog. For Sandy, it’s a study of a relaxed and vibrantly healthy canine sharply studying Sandy with a high degree of intelligence and curiosity. Sandy also discovered the dog’s beautiful display of multiple colors making up his shiny black coat.

A lifelong animal lover, Sandy is adept of knowing what her clients are looking for when they ask her to create a “forever painting” of their pet. She uses strong colors in a technique she describes as “impressionistic/expressionistic combined with realism” to depict an animal’s emotional state, whether it might be happy, sad, fearful, surprised or relaxed. She doesn’t paint a literal copy of a pet, but uses color to explore what the animal might be experiencing at the moment it’s photographed.

Sandy’s artistic journey began as a child with a very encouraging mom. She earned two BFA’s in Advertising and Illustration) from the Art Academy in San Francisco. It was a workshop with Henry Hensche that exposed her to “bright and savage color,” which influenced her own creative development. Sandy’s mediums of choice are pastels and acrylics. She says, “I like the spontaneity of pastels and the vibrant colors they produce. I also like acrylics for their fast-drying element, but don’t find the colors to be as intense as I like.”

Black Lab


"Black Lab"

Pastel on Canson Paper



© 2017 Sandy Lindblad




joeyCreating compelling pet portraits is avid occupation for Sandy. She says, “The animals speak to me,” and you can certainly believe that when you see her work, which is fueled by fervor. Appropriately, her advice to people embarking on art careers is to “follow your passion.”


© 2017 Sandy Lindblad




Sandy’s work can be found nationally. She really enjoys commissioned work, and invites anyone wishing to immortalize a pet in a “forever painting” to contact her. She boasts a 99.5% rate of satisfaction among her clients -- an amazing figure that’s not surprising when you consider her depth of involvement with her models: “The animals speak to me, and come alive in the studio!”

View a sensational selection of Sandy’s work here.



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