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F.J. Anderson

My name is F.J. Anderson and I'm from Santa Cruz, California. I attended local schools and received my BA in Fine Art from the University of California, Santa Cruz. I also hold a Masters Certificate in Science Illustration from U.C. Santa Cruz Extension. I completed a post grad internship in Dunedin, New Zealand, illustrating marine species for the aquarium there. Since then, I've been working on a series of sky and seascapes and doing commissioned paintings.


My work can be seen in person at the Capitola Art & Jazz and the Capitola Art & Wine events. I also participate in the annual Open Studios Art Tour in Santa Cruz County.


I've been fortunate to grow up near the ocean. The combination of being surrounded by the beauty of land, sea and sky and by encouraging family and friends has given me an appreciation of this natural setting and an inspiration to create art.


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Natalie Brown

Natalie Brown grew up in Orange County, California. She earned a BA in Literature from the University of California at San Diego and master's degrees in English and Native American Studies from Montana State University. She is a published author; her first novel, "The Lovebird," debuted from Doubleday in 2013.


Natalie has been creating art since childhood. She's a self-described metalsmith, writer and treasure huntress, and is partial to gemstones and recycled precious metals.


Natalie resides in Livingston, Montana.


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Isabell K. Fearnsby


Oil paints allow Isabell K. Fearnsby to apply generous slabs of paint and also thin transparent glazes, subtle grays supporting shots of intense color, vibrant clarity emphasized by soft subtle mystery.


One can see the influence of Edward Hopper and his attentiveness to architectural setting, John Singer Sargent's masterful painting and Anders Zorn's luscious figures in Isabell's Contemporary Realism paintings.


Isabell holds an MFA in Figurative Painting from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. She was born in Wales, UK, grew up in Madera, CA and currently lives in Santa Cruz, California.


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Janet Ferraro


I truly believe that horses have the power to change our consciousness, nourish our spirits and delight our hearts. I am fascinated by their beauty, power and the way they communicate, not only with each other but with us. I hope as you view my paintings you will feel their unique presence, spirit and beauty, too.

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Barbara Lawrence


Barbara Lawrence was born in San Francisco and has spent most of her life in the San Francisco Bay Area and Santa Cruz, CA. She received her B.A. degree from San Francisco State University and an M.A. degree from San Jose State University. She taught Life Drawing and Advanced Painting at the Pacific Art League in Palo Alto and is currently painting full time in her studio in Santa Cruz.


One-person shows include: the Memorial Union Art Gallery at U.C. Davis; the Monterey Conference Center; the Pope Art Gallery, Santa Cruz; the Distinguished Artist Series, Santa Cruz Art League; San Francisco Introductions at the Ebert Gallery; and the Miyares Gallery, Sonoma Academy in Santa Rosa. Her work can currently be seen at the Winfield Gallery in Carmel, CA, and on her website at


Barbara was the featured artist in the Spring, 2015, landscape issue of ArtistsPortfolioMagazineCover 22the online Artist Portfolio Magazine. Her painting appears on the cover, and four others can also be found in this issue.


Juried shows in which Barbara has participated include: "I'll Bet You Can't Paint a Portrait - The Genesis of Bay Area Figurative Art Now;" the Art Space Gallery, San Francisco, juror Theophilus Brown; "California: Landscape of Dreams," presented by the Winfield Gallery (Carmel) at the Fresno Art Museum; "California" at Cabrillo College, juror Ruth Braunstein.


Barbara is inspired by the rich tapestry of life in the Monterey Bay Area and paints both on location and in her studio. Her work is characterized by recognized subject matter with an interpretation that synthesizes the essence of the subject with some of the qualities of abstraction. Her work also includes figurative paintings.


"I hope to express my love of the subject while retaining the power of strong, simple shapes, as well as celebrate the sensual character of the medium. I use oil paints on canvas, brushing thin applications on the media to establish my composition. As the painting progresses, I take great joy in applying thicker, lush layers of the paint, using not only brushes but  palette knife and hands, if needed. All spaces are important to me -- both negative and positive."


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Sandy Lindblad
Lindblad Studios
(530) 913-0679

As a child, Sandy Lindblad was always drawn to, and painted cats, dogs and farm animals. She is now regularly commissioned to creat "forever paintings" of pets. Each year her business nearly doubles, selling all over the United States.

Sandy's art can also be found at the Artists Collaborative Galley in Old Sacramento and at the Kennedy Gallery in Sacramento. She's thrilled to be able to create "forever paintings," using clients' photos and her own.

You can see more of Sandy's work at or on Facebook at Sandy Lindblad Pet Portraits and Other Subjects. Animals speak to Sandy, and come to life on the canvasses she creates in her studio.

View a selection of Sandy's work.


Tina Masciocchi

Since childhood, I've known that art is very important to me. I use a vast array of mixed media, including printmaking, painting and handmade paper to capture the images around me and in my imagination.


I am constanty experimenting with new mediums. Often my art includes numerous mediums and applied materials, representing both subjective and non-subjective images. My most recent artworks are often composed of acrylic on canvas, and may include layered paper within the subject medium.


I received my art degree at West Valley College, Cabrillo College and UC Santa Cruz.


Recent shows: Santa Cruz Mountains Art Center, GALStudio-Chaminade Resort and Spa, and Union Bank. My work is also in front of Bailey Properties in Scotts Valley, California. My work is also displayed at the Mountain Art Center in Boulder Creek, where I am currently a board member, as well as exhibited on the online gallery


View a selection of Tina's work here, here and here.

Michelle Reynolds


Michelle Reynolds, born in Southern California, made her home in Santa Cruz, CA, for 45 years, before relocating to the CA foothills.. She has been involved in a lifelong pursuit of various artistic disciplines. Her education included majors in Art and Photography, as well as Journalism.


Michelle’s preferred medium is acrylic paint, which she applies traditionally to canvas. Subject matter can be anything that strikes her fancy, although she is partial to Japanese-themed creations, reflecting an abiding respect for that culture. She’s also worked in oil, watercolor, pen and ink, mixed media, and handmade paper.


Additionally, Michelle fabricates beaded jewelry, and loves the creative process involved in designing unique combinations of beads.


Michelle enjoys opportunities to organize events where art is the theme. She co-founded the GALStudio, a forum for a large group of artists who exhibited for several years during the holidays at Chaminade Resort & Spa in Santa Cruz. She keeps her eye out for ways to pursue freelance writing projects.and art events in which she can show her work..


A belief in arts education for children as a fundamental developmental necessity has spurred Michelle to promote art in schools through the website she founded for artists, She values the work of both emerging and established artists and their quality original creations, and invites them to exhibit on for opportunities to be promoted at no charge.


View a selection of Michelle’s work here and here.

Christine Stracener

Christine Stracener was born and raised in Seacliff Beach, a small seaside community in Santa Cruz, California. She studied art all through high school, and was a member of the Santa Cruz Art League. She later earned her degree in Interior Design and Color at Monterey Peninsula College in Monterey, California.


Christine managed an art store in Santa Cruz for nearly 15 years before moving to Truckee, California, where she took classes in stained glass, glass fusing and slumping. Her skills in stained glass have led her to create unique pieces: from small mosaic vases, wall sconces and free-standing sculpture, to full-sized custom windows and cabinet doors for homes and businesses. In 2005 she was featured in "Trailer Life Magazine" for her recreational vehicle windows, and is still creating "traveling" art for campers across the United States.


Christine gathers her inspiration for her original designs from her own love of camping, fishing and living near the beach. You can contact her by email at: or check out her website: She hopes her art inspires you!


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Susan W. Trimingham
susanheadshot edited-1
(831) 475-2303

Susan W. Trimingham grew up in the Philippines and Northern Japan. She attended four different high schools in California, graduating from the University of California at Santa Cruz with a B.A. in Art. She is currently working on her Masters in Education with Curriculum Through the Arts.


Susan lives and works in Santa Cruz as a professional artist. She started her work as an artist using watercolors for landscapes and flower studies, and oil paint for large figurative pieces. In 1995 she began working with oil pastels, concentrating on plein air of the northern California coast.


Susan also shares her experience in art as a Teaching Artist.


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Sylvia Valentine

My photography is a reflection of what my heart connects with in the moment. My name means "Maiden of the Woods" and I've always felt connected to nature. I love capturing the spirit of a place, often using close angles and light to bring a magical, unique perspective. I feel like art can be a prayer, and beauty is medicine! I hope my art stirs something inside you, opening you to feel more connected with everything around and within. My intention is to bring more beauty and intimacy to each moment through everything I do.


I re-discovered my love of photography on a trip to New Zealand in 2008 with my husband, Paul. We love to travel and experience the richness of other cultures and landscapes. And we're always exploring nooks and crannies near our home, too! Many of my favorite photos are from our own backyard in the beautiful Monterey Bay Area.


I photograph intuitively and organically, continuing to learn every day. I'm a huge advocate of sharing our creative pursuits and exploring our inner artist, no matter what our "day job" might be. I love embracing both right and left brain aspects of myself (artist and organizational project manager). I'm honored to contribute a portion of all photo sales to environmental- and spiritual-centered nonprofits that I know and have worked with personally, including, and


Thank you, Santa Cruz County, for voting me BEST Photographer for 3 years in a row!


View a selection of Sylvia's work.



Neno Villamor

Neno V. Villamor creates multiple original castings from her original low-relief sculpture, using her own blend of handmade paper with additional mixed media embellishments of collage and watercolor.


Neno works predominantly with the female figure and most recently, the concept of embedding these cast figures into color field "landscapes" shaped during the casting process.


The idea of cycles has emerged recently in Neno's ongoing artistic exploration of the feminine self. Having the figures emerge and recede into the landscape underscores these cycles as they pertain to women and to the planet we inhabit.


View a selection of Neno's work.




Matthew Werner

M.Werner headshot

(831) 430-9182

I build fine furniture that is enhanced with imagery inspired by nature. I build from my own designs, or I make custom pieces designed to fit my clients' needs. I use an inlay technique called marquetry, which is the assembly of thin slices of wood to form an image. The marquetry work is done using veneers that I resaw myself, using only naturally colored woods. Shading is achieved by dipping inlay pieces in hot sand and scorching them, which adds visual depth. This marquetry technique is ancient, stretching all the way back to Egypt, 3,000 years ago, and was developed to great depth during the European Renaissance. It is detail-oriented, time-consuming and not widely practiced today. Some mass-produced marquetry is done using computers and lasers. My goal is to apply the technique with integrity and artistry, to add beauty to the objects I make without being overstated.


My inspiration comes from the natural world -- what I think of as the unbuilt world. I have a great appreciation for Japanese design aesthetics, especially the way natural elements are brought into the built world. I also recognize that the forms I work with are rooted in the cultural traditions of Europe. My location on the Pacific Rim provides an opportunity to balance influences from east and west, resulting in a body of New World originals that acknowledge both sources.


My goal is to make handcrafted objects that quietly inspire and nurture.


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