ElegantArtisan.com is an online gallery, displaying images representing high-quality work by talented Artisans in a variety of media, for the purpose of on-line exhibition and sale. Images represent artwork that is for sale on a consignment basis through the website, as set forth through written Agreement with each Artist.
Images of Artists' work are posted at no charge. All images have copyrights by the Artists (whether or not indicated on this website), and remain posted until the Artist requests their removal, or if ElegantArtisan.com determines the item(s) should be withdrawn.
ElegantArtisan.com reserves the right to decline the display or exhibit of any artworks it deems inappropriate for a wide public audience.
Payment and sales tax will be collected by ElegantArtisan.com for any art sold through this website. Payment for all artwork is made exclusively through PayPal's secure server. Payment and sales tax will be forwarded to the Artist. Please note: Shipping & handling fees are not included in prices found on this website. Shipping & handling fees for items sold will be arranged and collected by the Artist with the Purchaser. Details are available in the Artisan-Gallery Consignment Agreement.

Specific information about the Terms of Use of this website are set forth in the Artisan-Gallery Consignment Agreement.
To become a valued part of the ElegantArtisan.com art community--enabling us to promote your work by displaying your artwork images, your Artist bio, and perhaps an image of you, the Artist--simply complete the Artisan-Gallery Consignment Agreement, following the simple instructions on the Agreement.
If you have difficulty accessing the Agreement, please email details@elegantartisan.com, and the Agreement will be sent to you via email or U.S. mail.
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